Please read the following with the understanding that this is just my opinion. I am in no way a medical expert. Certainly not an expert on the novel coronavirus either.

But when I read today that Gov. Phil Murphy is announcing new restrictions, I struggled to see the logic. Bars and restaurants will be forced to close business to indoor seating at 10 p.m. Outdoor is still allowed past 10 p.m, but as the Jersey months get colder, how realistic is that?

What I fail to see is how the virus has a wristwatch. Does it strike more after 10 p.m. than before? Spread more easily at night than evening? And haven’t we heard that lately the big spreading is happening through private gatherings in people’s homes? If you close bars at 10 p.m., aren’t you likely encouraging more private gatherings in people’s homes?

Then there’s the travel sports matter. Indoor interstate sports is now banned for elementary, middle and high school. But a Jersey team playing another Jersey team is permissible. I assume this harkens bark to the same math that put many other states on Jersey’s quarantine list. And if so, how does this keep teams any safer considering the spread in New Jersey would now qualify the state for its very own quarantine list? With that spread, how would playing another Jersey team be any safer than playing a team in a state with similar spread? Does the virus recognize state borders?

Lots of questions here that I don’t have the answers to. Again I’m no epidemiologist, and yes I know this virus is real and nothing to take lightly. I’m just not seeing how these new restrictions will make a difference.

The post above reflects the thoughts and observations of New Jersey 101.5 talk show host Jeff Deminski. Any opinions expressed are Jeff Deminski's own.

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