Three New Yorkers connected to the death of a child whose skeletal remains were found in an Upper Freehold park in 2005 have admitted roles in the series of events that became known as the notorious "Baby Bones" case.

Likisha Jones, 39, and Godfrey Gibson, 49, of Manhattan, and James Jones, 36, of Brooklyn, pleaded guilty today, according to information from the office of acting Monmouth County Prosecutor Chris Grammiccioni.

The three accepted third-degree counts of hindering apprehension of another and conspiracy to hinder apprehension.

At sentencing February 28, prosecutors will recommend probation for Likisha Jones and James Jones and 364 days incarceration in Monmouth County as a condition of probation for Gibson.

However, the case is far from closed. It's still the focus of a homicide investigation in New York County.

A hunter in Clayton Park originally stumbled across a partly-buried skull and jaw near Route 526 in March 2005, triggering a homicide probe while DNA testing identified the remains as those of Jon-Niece Jones, born on September 5, 1992.

Likisha Jones was her aunt, who lived in Harlem. James Jones was her uncle, and Godfrey Gibson was her aunt's boyfriend. The girl's mother was Elisha Jones.

The investigation grew in scope, reaching national proportions when detectives sought the public's help during an episode of the "America's Most Wanted" television series.

Authorities concluded that Jon-Niece died at age 9 on August 15, 2002, at her aunt's home, after years of her mother's abuse and neglect.

Investigators also asserted that James Jones and Gibson set fire to the girl's body and buried it in Upper Freehold. Within four months, a disease took Elisha Jones's life.

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