Lt. Governor Kim Guadagno, the GOP nominee for NJ Governor, came out swinging after her strong debate performance against Democratic nominee for Governor Phil Murphy.  She took two separate answers from her opponent, one during the debate and one from a previous forum and ran a 30 second ad. The ad is hard hitting using Phil Murphy's response to a question about an illegal immigrant who committed a heinous act of murder killing three college students execution style in a Newark school year.

The question was about whether police in New Jersey should follow a Law Enforcement Directive from the state's Attorney General in 2007 requiring officers to check immigration status of people arrested for serious crimes.

His response was incredible ignorant and out of touch. Instead of separating the murderer from the issue of illegal immigrants and DACA "Dreamers" he just made a blanket statement that his "my bias is going to be having their back." He doubled down on the answer during the debate.

Seems to me that the issue is clear.  Murphy is willing to put your safety in jeopardy in order to satisfy his own political ambition. Many people are comparing the Goldman Sachs millionaire to the last super-rich guy we elected in NJ...Jon Corzine.

Let me tell you, that is grossly unfair to Governor Corzine! Corzine was at least measured and focused on New Jersey. He may have been a poor performing Governor, but he was a former U.S. Marine and he was able to actually have a conversation about his positions.  Murphy relies on talking points that will energize the far left of the Democratic Party.  Seems to me Murphy is so confident he'll win on November 7th that he's already looking past us.

Not so fast Phil, some internal polls have the race in single digits, as close as seven or eight point. After this week, it's possible it's even closer.  More to come...

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