The debate between Phil Murphy and Kim Guadagno did not disappoint.

There were several moments that stood out. Moderator Jim Gardner called out Murphy for not answering the question on how he'll pay for 9 billion in education funding.

Then Kim called Phil a coward for not stepping up until her campaign shined a spotlight on the Harvey Weinstein scandal. There was also the moment Kim called him a hypocrite for calling for gun control all the while his friends at Goldman while he was employed there, invested heavily in gun makers.

There was also a strong moment when the audio for the audience wasn't working and Kim invited a young Rutgers student on stage to ask the question. Murphy's attacks were very base orients. Discussing guns, dreamers and climate change. He attacked Trump several times and said Christie-Guadagno every few minutes. That prompted Kim to say that it looks like Phil thinks Chris Christie is running. "Well he's not, I am," Guadagno stated. Over all a win for Kim as Murphy looked uncomfortable and unable to move off scripted talking points.

I mentioned in my article prior to the debate, that one of the things the new governor needs to do is fire everyone in top management at NJ transit. Someone is either not telling the truth or they are more incompetent than we thought.

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