There is no bigger pain-in-the-a** driver in New Jersey than the left-lane hog. Many of these are out-of-state drivers, especially from Pennsylvania, but some of our native motorists do this as well.

So how do you handle such a situation? It is not legal or proper to pass on the right. Flashing your high beams only seems to embolden the driver if they notice at all. Tailgating too close can be dangerous and scary.

Thanks to the New Jersey department of transportation. Almost all of our highways are now equipped with rumble strips on the left and right shoulder of the road.

Having great mistrust for anything the state of New Jersey does, I have to wonder if it was for our safety or did someone's connected brother-in-law have the paving contract to do this on most of our roads at taxpayer expense. But I digress.

Thanks to my partner Judi, told me you can use these strips to your advantage if someone in front of you in the left lane won't move.

You briefly drive on the strips to alert someone that you’d like to pass in the left lane. The sound they make is hard to ignore.

These two videos illustrate the point perfectly. Don't worry, every measure of caution was used to show this technique. Yes, I suffer for my work.

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Gallery Credit: Joe Votruba

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