A grandmother and her daughter went to a Burger King in Richmond, VA for some dinner the other night. It's a place she's liked and was a frequent customer, but she now says she'll never go back. When handed her receipt she happened to notice a little something extra was added in the print. The offensive words, apparently some employee's description of her and her daughter, "bitch ass hoes" appeared at the top. Definitely not having it her way, she went to a manager who apologized but so far not much more has happened. Burger King says it is trying to use CCTV tapes to try and track down the offensive culprit.

"This is more than an insult," said the woman. "I mean calling someone names on a piece of paper, that will hurt someone."

You hear of this sort of thing happen from time to time. Not being in the food and beverage business I don't know why things are set up so that employees can even type in notes/comments, but I suppose there's a good reason for it that just gets abused. With the frequency of these stories doesn't it make you wonder what's been written down about you that never made it onto the printed copy or that you just never noticed?