Phil Murphy needs a win in the worst way, so much so that he's willing to bribe you for it. The governor talks of possibility lower property taxes due to increased revenues if lawmakers give him his millionaires tax. Isn't that what he's supposed to be doing in the first place? What does one have to do with the other?

State Senate President Steve Sweeney referred to the move as "pulling a rabbit out of a hat."  Murphy also tried to take $33 million from the firefighters relief fund, which Sweeney warned he would block. The governor has since backed off that idea.

This is a man who ran on a platform of legalizing recreational marijuana if elected, which still hasn't happened. I wonder how many people voted for him just for that. Add to that how many people voted for him out of hate for Chris Christie.

Whatever the reason those who voted for Murphy had, he's not having a good week. In fact, it's the kind of week you'd love to just bag, but with the way things are going, he'd have to bring his own.

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