Governor Murphy is an unlikely champion of taxpayers for sure. He's raised taxes throughout his first couple years as Governor and is promising more. Still, he is absolutely within his power and is doing the taxpayers a service by opening up an investigation into the hundreds of millions of tax credits given to companies to create jobs.

At the center of the recent controversy is back room, un-elected power broker, party boss George Norcross. The question is what is George Norcross hiding? Why is he on an all-out emotional tirade against the Governor? Why serve papers to the Governor's home? Is he trying to bully the Governor into leaving him alone?

With a billion dollars in state tax credits going to the companies and allies of the South Jersey "strongman" Norcross, doesn't it make sense that taxpayers should know what the investment got us? For Norcross's part, he'll tell you that he and his companies have invested millions into Camden and the city is coming back.

Although Camden is clearly safer today than it was with crime stats improving, that's mainly due to the incredible work of the Camden County Police department led by Chief Scott Thomson.

Now, Norcross is so mad that his activities are the subject of an investigation, he's suing the Governor! What an outrage. If Norcross and his cronies did nothing wrong, what's he afraid of? Perhaps he's upset that the gravy train that has enriched his family is coming to an end. Perhaps he's just smelling political opportunity to hurt a guy in office that he was unable to 'buy'.

Sweeney, Christie all a part of the Norcross political empire. And look where we are now. Financial disaster with billions in debt and unfunded future liabilities. Chris Christie and Steve Sweeney have nearly ruined New Jersey over the past ten plus years. New taxes, corporate welfare and a 'fake deal' to cap property taxes. Teachers have been hurt, first responders have been hurt and middle and working class are struggling and leaving if they can.

Time to put the brakes on out-of-control spending and taxation. Governor Murphy is wrong to continue raising taxes, but he's right to want to hold government administrations and rich recipients of generous tax breaks accountable.

Hey George, what exactly do you fear the Governor will expose?

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