The protestors at the State House on Monday were exactly right, Morally bankrupt insiders like George Norcross and his puppet in the Senate, Steve Sweeney, have their own interests in mind and are doing everything possible to smash the vocal opposition to their latest money grab.

What the elites want is a continuation of millions of dollars in tax breaks, which will further enrich those multi-millionaires without helping the communities or the working people footing the bill. NJ working families and the NAACP have correctly positioned the argument that any tax break should be contingent on hiring local employees and development in the community. Even Democratic Governor Andrew Cuomo in NY understood the value of tying tax breaks and tax payer incentives.

As far as the protests and the antics at the State House during the protests, it would've been nice if the Governor had something positive to say about the measured and professional job performed by our State Troopers. They had no choice but to follow the order to clear the belligerent protestor. That said, Sue Altman is owed an apology from the committee members. She didn't deserve to be dragged out. Typical arrogant, cowardly pols hiding behind the Troppers to do their bidding when they don't want to hear another point of view. Senator Bob Smith who ordered the removal is a complete and utter disgrace.

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