Governor Murphy wants you to pay more to heat your home, cook your food and drive your car. He wants that because rich elitist Phil Murphy thinks working and middle class New Jerseyans should pay for the junk science used by the environmental radicals who are trying to convince you that our ever-changing climate is your fault.


To back up his radical philosophy, Murphy just rolled out a new economy-crushing, shortsighted energy plan based on the fantasy that our energy industry in New Jersey is making the oceans rise.

Just stop.

This is the same nonsense peddled by America-loathing radicals like Ilhan Omar and AOC. No, the world isn’t going to end in 12 years. No, your gas stove is not contributing to the next superstorm. It’s propaganda and it’s dangerous.

First of all, read a little beyond the talking points of Left wing politicians. The seas have been rising since the last Ice Age, about twenty thousand years ago. In addition to the expected sea rise after an Ice Age, there’s the inconvenient fact about temperatures over the past 170 years. Rising about 0.07 degrees Celsius each decade.

The bottom line is that when the Earth started to dramatically warm, humans were not converting coal into energy, driving SUVs and building pipelines. Warming is natural and no matter what changes are made on the fringe, humans aren’t going to impact the weather. The truth is if the crazy Left wing radicals like Grewal and Murphy wanted to actually help maintain our clean air and water, they would throw their weight behind nuclear power. Not only is nuclear the most efficient power source, but it’s the cleanest.

So you have to ask yourself, if we already have power sources which are providing jobs, low cost energy and limiting pollution to nearly nothing, why is Murphy on a mission to change that? Simple answer, he’s on a power trip, pun intended. It’s clear that the Administration in Trenton is only concerned about lining the pockets of the specials interests who keep them in power. The Green movement has a loud microphone, enabled by the complicit media, and it’s easy to convince weak minds that they should be guilty if they don’t stop using plastic bags, idle their car or heat their home with natural gas. But actions speak louder than words.

Through the actions of the energy industry, New Jersey now enjoys more than 90% of our energy production from clean sources. Any change to that, especially pushing foolish and ineffective wind power and solar power which has no consistent battery storage, will spike your energy prices, actually serve to increase our reliance on the very sources the Left is attacking and damage our economy by neglecting the very projects critical for our energy infrastructure.

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Let’s stop Phil Murphy from playing politics with our families, our jobs and our future. But let’s make sure we get behind true opposition willing to fight him on everything. He’s a dangerous man, as is evidenced by the unleashing of radical AG Gurbir Grewal who is literally willing to let violent criminals out of jail just to fight the Trump Administration. Don’t let Murphy increase your cost of living in New Jersey any more.

The next Governor needs to roll out a new energy plan which embraces the fact that fossil fuels are not the enemy, morally bankrupt, agenda-driven politicians are. That plan should be specifically focused on getting our state to 100% reliance on natural gas and nuclear. On day one, I’d meet with the unions like ELEC825 and PSE&G to get started on making our infrastructure the best in the nation.

Let’s empower working New Jersey families by creating thousands of jobs related to our energy infrastructure. Let’s stop the ridiculous charade of fake ‘alternative’ energy which is reliant on tax subsidies and fossil fuels. Stop chasing windmills. Enough is enough. Time to fight back, hard.

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