It's time to clear up the propaganda and misinformation about natural gas. For decades, gas companies have been working hard to deliver the critical fuel, which now supplies the energy for home heating needs to approximately 75% of New Jersey homes. Natural gas and nuclear power are also the top sources of energy for electricity production in New Jersey.

In 2018, natural gas and nuclear power together provided 94% of New Jersey's utility-scale electricity net generation.  - Energy Information Agency 2018 Data

New Jersey is already built on clean energy. Our air and water are cleaner as a direct result of the increase in natural gas use and a decrease in other fuels. Our energy costs are down and energy is abundant. Thanks to incredible innovation regarding extraction and delivery, America is now the world's leader in natural gas production.

It's now up to us to make sure that the infrastructure to support the clean energy production is in place for us today, tomorrow, and for many generations to come. We owe it to our children and their children to maintain the delivery system that most New Jersey residents rely on to stay warm in the winter and keep the lights on in the house. We need to build more pipelines.

Pipelines are the safest and most reliable way to deliver natural gas. Pipeline technology today is much more advanced than decades ago and that makes them safe, clean, and reliable.  We now need to focus on approving and move forward with the construction of the  construction of the Penn East Pipeline.

My friends at the International Union of Operating Engineers are ready, willing and able to get the job done. With more than 7,000 members, Operating Engineers Local 825 has the manpower, expertise, and training to deliver the flow of workers to build this critical piece of our clean energy infrastructure.

We need to continue to improve our infrastructure — whether it's roads, water, or, in this case, natural gas. And the union workers of Operating Engineers Local 825 are at the ready to deliver for all of us. Let 'em work. Build the pipeline and ensure that NJ continues to lead the nation in clean, efficient, and low-cost energy.

I appreciate the leadership from Operating Engineers 825 Business Manager Greg Lavelee, who is ready to get this conversation moving forward. Please visit to learn more about why natural gas is one of our best clean energy solutions for New Jersey residents.

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