That’s right, the top law enforcement role in the state has been turned into a political weapon to further a radical agenda. Gurbir Grewal, who was touted as a good cop who would do right by the citizens of this state, is a colossal disappointment. His "sanctuary state policies" are a threat to public safety.

I remember speaking with so many of my cop friends when Murphy appointed him. The feeling among many cops was Grewal would be the balance to Murphy’s radical agenda. As it turns out, Murphy is a joke, between the office for his wife down the hall, the real decision maker in the Murphy administration, to his tone deaf trips abroad and brining the roads during 44 degree days, he’s not a serious man nor is he really in control of the government.

Grewal, as it turns out, is the real danger to our liberty, prosperity and safety. He held a press conference on Friday to blame the media and the federal government for his own egregious actions that resulted in violent criminals and an accused child rapist to be released into your community. The only thing worse than the actions Grewal has taken, ordering local law enforcement to essentially obstruct justice by preventing them from cooperating with Immigration and Customs Enforcement, is the fact that he’s outright lying about it.

Grewal would have you believe that the term "sanctuary state" is coming from the media to distort his actions. Not even close, Gurbir. Your boss, Governor Murphy, campaigned on NJ being a sanctuary state, appointed you and then you carried out the actions that define a sanctuary state. Criminals are being released to prey on our communities and all you want to do is blame others?

No, sorry Gurbir, you are the problem.

You are the one who knowingly set criminals free in order to blame ICE for not reacting fast enough, despite the fact that it was you who demanded that our local jails stop housing detainees.

ICE is stepping up to do their job. The brave heroes working at Immigration and Customs Enforcement and Homeland Security know that there is a pressing need to remove violent criminals and those suspected of committing violent crimes, including child rapists, from our streets. They will be filling in the gap left by irresponsible #FakeCop Grewal.

Every New Jersey resident, including law enforcement officers, can call the hotline and report anyone they suspect of being illegal. (866) DHS-2-ICE.

LEO’s in particular have an opportunity to report criminal aliens before they are released into our communities. We are in touch with ICE officials and hope to bring a representative on the show soon. If Grewal won’t protect us, then we have no choice, but to ask the Feds to help.

What’s really a shame about this battle is that many illegal immigrants who are desperate to stay in America, and are working jobs and paying taxes, will get caught up in the ICE net. For me, I’ve been an advocate for a pathway for non-criminal illegals for years. The guy waiting tables who overstayed his visa may not have the resources to work his way through the very challenging legal process in America. That guy would likely come out of the shadows if you gave him a chance. A chance proposed by President Trump a couple years ago, which was rejected by the all-or-nothing Democrats pushing for open borders.

The problem with the Democrats plan? They don’t distinguish between undocumented and criminal aliens. And now with #FakeCop Grewal in charge in Jersey, violent criminals are being released threatening our very safety. So Grewal has forced moderates (at least on immigration) like me and many Democrats, Like Old Bridge Councilman Mark Rizzoli, to lump all illegals together and report them. I would rather one hundred Dreamers be deported than one violent criminal released into our community.

You can prevent a tragedy. Call ICE. Stand up for citizens and public safety (866) DHS-2-ICE.

I appreciate the calls and notes from law enforcement professionals across NJ supporting the reality that we need to fight back and stand up to the AG’s directive.​

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