Who does Phil Murphy really care about? You or the NJEA?

The state legislature has 10 days to balance the budget or else they’ve got to shut it down. Governor Murphy has big plans for your money! The one that is most bothersome, though, is the school funding formula which has always been tricky for New Jersey since they are at the mercy of the ever-vigilant ever-bloodsucking New Jersey education association.

It’s the most powerful union in the state and surely the most powerful teacher’s union in the country. You see lawmakers have come up with a school funding formula that will work for the next year or two. But that’s not enough for Murphy. He won’t be happy until we have “sound and sustainable revenues” (read: tax hikes) that are PERMANENTLY in place and that is the only way he will support the school funding formula that has been advanced.

He says it’s because he doesn’t want to have to revisit this problem in another couple of years. His brilliant idea? Raise sales tax and raise income tax on people making over $1 million. Oh, and let’s not forget a surcharge on business taxes to further punish the already put-upon business owners in this state. All of this to give money to an already bloated education system that has way too many administrators making way too much money.

Yes, he will support the school funding initiative-but only if permanent tax hikes are put into place to pay for it. And guess where that money‘s coming from? You. The person that he says he cares about. Come on, Governor. Is this really-as you like to put it-“The right thing to do?”

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