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Governor Christie

What I like about Chris Christie is that he doesn't think before he speaks. I don't mean that as a slam. What I mean is, he doesn't stop and think like a politician, run every answer scenario through the filter of 'how will this play out' or 'how will this impact my re-electability'. There's something very refreshing about a politician who shoots from the hip and says what he means, as much as a politician can anyway. That's Chris Christie. God knows I don't agree with him on everything. He's dead wrong on gay marriage. He was dead wrong to allow the Port Authority toll hikes to go through without demanding the audit be done first.  But when Piers Morgan asks a question like "How many billionaires are in New Jersey?" the governor responds with zero hesitation and admits, "I don't know." No stammering, no B.S.'ing.  The same with his reaction to the Warren Buffett exchange. Love him or hate him, you feel at the very least this is not the typical politician blowing the typical smoke up your typical place. On some level don't you have to respect that?