Last week our U.S. Sen. Robert Menendez made another push for paying off peoples' student loans.

The idea comes up more and more and each time it does, it seems to gain more support. Of course, who wouldn't want any of their big debts paid off? Well, if I bought a Maserati and realized a year or two into it, that I couldn't afford it, I would love to have someone come along and pay it off.

We all would love to have our debts paid off, but the government doing so is so unfair to all those people who did it themselves through hard work and sacrifice. That's how debts are paid off and that's how things get accomplished.

Having some politician pandering for support and votes to come along and get rid of an obligation that young people should never should have been pressured into is morally reprehensible.

Here are some indisputable truths. Most people enrolling in college today, shouldn't. College is too expensive because it's subsidized by the government. To get a degree in any chosen field you have to take courses that have nothing to do with your chosen field, just to extend the time you spend in what really turns out to be a four-year vacation from the real world.

Some changes that would make sense are needed. Such as don't lend large sums of money to 18-year-olds. Government needs to stop subsidizing colleges and universities and make it more accountable to the free market system, which works.

If they want to "do something" for all the people who they convinced to make the mistake of borrowing large amounts of money for something of questionable value, waive their interest. Lesson learned. Higher education in most instances is not worth the money in today's world.

Too many people are coming to expect the government to "give" them things whether it's child support, housing, higher education, childcare, healthcare or free food. It's a poisonous mindset and it's spreading.

Ronald Reagan famously once said, "a government big enough to give you everything you want is a government big enough to take from you everything you have." Sadly, most of the people pushing for their debt to be wiped out won't understand that until they've lived long enough to accumulate something of value. By then it may be too late.

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