No one credible said that coronavirus was fake or a hoax. Many of us, however, questioned the government's response and subsequent trampling of civil and economic liberty in order to "stop the spread."

Many of us questioned the outright panic that spread through society based on the fear-porn pushed by the media and politicians. Many of us were very calm throughout saying that most people would be fine and there was no government action that could stop a natural occurrence like a virus.

A real virus used as a reason to instill fear and panic among ignorant people who sadly put their hopes in government to save them. The hoax, if you want to use that term, is that the government is pretending to solve a problem that nature and science took care of without interference.

The initial goal of "15 days to stop the spread" was to ensure we had enough hospital beds, equipment and medical staff to treat the sick. The "crisis" of overwhelmed hospitals and patients dying in the streets without access to care simply never materialized. Instead of claiming victory on April 7 LAST YEAR when the number of discharges, deaths and transfers outnumbered new admissions in one of the hardest hit areas in the world, the Bronx, the goal was changed.

We went from a laudable goal that protected sick people to a new goal of preventing deaths. Preventing deaths knowing that 94% of those who died had an average of THREE co-morbidities and were most were over the age of 70.

Given that most experts knew a year ago that the spread could not be stopped and even according to New Jersey's health commissioner, everyone was gonna get coronavirus, the lockdowns persisted. While this new goal was established, the governor and his minions locked up nursing homes and forced sick patients after discharge from hospitals into those homes. Thousands died. So the lockdown itself had the exact opposite result of the goal.

Deaths in lockdown states like New Jersey and New York went through the roof. Meanwhile temporary hospital facilities, which could have easily cared for those with more mild symptoms instead of sending them back to infect the vulnerable, remained empty. Empty beds and rapidly declining deaths by May of last year. Yet the lockdowns persisted.

Since deaths were dropping across the nation and world, the goal was changed again to accommodate the government agenda. The new goal was to prevent positive tests or "cases." An absurd goal for sure knowing that at the time, spring/summer 2020, the estimates were that nearly a billion people around the globe had already contracted coronavirus. Most were fine without symptoms, let alone at risk for death or hospitalization.

Schools in Sweden remained open with ZERO deaths among kids and teachers at less risk of disease than other full time workers. Georgia opened their schools. Again, no deaths and no run on hospitals. Actually the desperate media, clinging to the crisis in order to increase clicks, had to struggle to find the one teacher in Georgia who died with coronavirus.

Now the governor has been called out repeatedly on the daily case counts with many of the numbers coming from positive tests that are weeks and months old. The rate of transmission is another fake metric as most people do not comply with contact tracing so there is no way to actually measure it. We also know that the PCR test itself has been called into question as wildly inaccurate with false positives depending on the cycle threshold.

The day after Biden's inauguration, the WHO called for a lowering of the cycles to make the test more accurate. The inventor of the test had been on record repeatedly about how the test is actually a manufacturing technique and should not be used to track infection rates in the general public. But here we are. And the same panickers who couldn't see the way to declare the crisis avoided back in May of last year are still clamoring for limited gatherings and mask mandates. Despite the fact that the case count in places like Texas and Florida DECLINED after the mandates were lifted. Despite the fact that masks are not intended, and never were, to stop any viral spread.

The latest goal, if you hear the governor this week, isn't even about deaths, hospital beds or positive tests. He is now changing the dialogue to a general concern about viral spread. Saying at his conferences that indoor gathering spread the virus more than outdoor gatherings. So what, gov? This virus will spread every year like the common cold and the flu. Some people who are vulnerable will die like in every other respiratory viral season and life will continue.

The vaccine is another absurdity when it comes to COVID. Less than 15% of New Jersey residents and about the same percentage of Americans have been vaccinated. So with 85% of the population NOT vaccinated as of March 25, why has the virus gone away? According to one of the top docs at Johns Hopkins and many other docs who signed onto the Great Barrington Declaration, herd immunity is here. Actually, Marty Makary from Johns Hopkins isn't a signer on the declaration and is very much pro-COVID vax. His point is clear though, more than 200 million Americans have already contracted coronavirus and 55% of the nation started with natural immunity.

Let's review. The goal post changed from preventing an overrun on our hospitals, to limiting deaths, to eliminating positive cases to getting everyone vaccinated to now just a general stopping the spread. It's all based on meaningless metrics used to justify continued closures of businesses, limited social interaction and a change in how people view one another. All for a virus that will never go away and will be harmless to nearly everyone who contracts it.

We now have irrefutable evidence that masks do not stop spread and COVID can be treated with a myriad of antiviral drugs and vitamins that are available for anyone. Ivermectin, hydroxychloroquine are among the drugs that will help you heal quickly. Still, the media ignores the chorus of docs promoting this simple solution and opts to push the vaccine and mask shaming. Either the media is ignorant and full of less educated people who don't know any better or they are complicit in the fraud that is the government's reaction to COVID. Either way you can't trust news outlets who simply repeat the garbage coming from government officials instead of holding those officials accountable for the crimes that they have committed endangering the lives of so many vulnerable people.

Murphy has been given a pass through the fabricated crisis and now will point to the fake metrics his team created in order to justify their power grab. Once the media helps him celebrate the irrelevant goal of 70% of adults vaccinated, he'll likely ride that to re-election in November.

As far as opposition, the GOP refuses to challenge his power in any meaningful way. Instead they opt for talking points about the balance of power and submitting useless bills through the legislature which never see the light of day. They continue to compliment the governor and the Democratic majority instead of standing up for the little guy who has been crushed by the actions of state government.

Will a leader emerge in New Jersey? Will there be a champion who has the courage to attack the very premise of the lockdown and mask mandates which are based on a fabricated health crisis? Is there anyone with the guts to admit that any possible health crisis passed last May? Anyone that will stand up for the truth that reopened states have fewer cases than lockdown states? Fewer deaths in areas that remained open compared to lockdown states? Unlikely.

The real question is whether the politicians and media hacks are driving the fear or are they simply reflecting the fear and ignorance of a majority of New Jerseyans? Where do you stand?

The post above reflects the thoughts and observations of New Jersey 101.5 talk show host Bill Spadea. Any opinions expressed are Bill's own. Bill Spadea is on the air weekdays from 6 to 10 a.m., talkin’ Jersey, taking your calls at 1-800-283-1015.

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