Die Hard is NOT a Christmas movie. And there is NO “Central Jersey.” But when Gov. Phil Murphy leads a Rutgers student astray it’s a sad day for truth.

Okay, here’s what happened.

A student on Twitter, @jaredais, asks @GovMurphy his thoughts on whether Toms River sits in South Jersey or Central Jersey. Apparently this was a debate among fellow students in an urban planning chat.

Like a dad driving his kid to see Santa Claus Murphy comes back with this gibberish:

“Jared - Please see attached map. Ocean County is occasionally left out of statutory definitions but mainly included within the borders of Central Jersey.”

What the heck does THAT mean!?!?

And who exactly made this so-called map?! And in what universe is this official?! “Left out of statutory definitions????” What!?!?

Also, look at this blob that passes for a map. See the purple? CENTRAL DEBATABLE???!!!

If Ocean County and Union County are Central debatable then this entire played out concept of Central Jersey is debatable!

I like @jkanige’s simple response: Central Jersey is a myth.

Then here comes troublemaker @JenAsbach with “Governor, the shore would like to be its own area. You can split us into Monmouth-Ocean and Atlantic-Cape May, but we feel like we are our own thing. We are left out of the turnpike jokes, for example. We do our own thing. Cause down the shore everything all right.”

She quotes Bruce’s cover of Tom Waits' Jersey Girl at the end though so I can’t be too mad at her.

You, Governor Murphy, are another matter. Harrumph.

The post above reflects the thoughts and observations of New Jersey 101.5 talk show host Jeff Deminski. Any opinions expressed are Jeff Deminski's own.

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