One of my least favorite aspects of living in New Jersey is the surplus of tolls we're subjected to on various major roadways.

The Garden State Parkway alone has 11 toll plazas. The New Jersey Turnpike makes sure to reach into your pockets no matter what exit you get off of. The Atlantic City Expressway is another culprit.

I am a firm believer that tolls are a scam. If these small monetary payments are indeed meant to pay for the upkeep of the road we're driving on, then why are the roads in New Jersey such a disaster? Just tell us you're pocketing the money. It's OK.

Perhaps the most frustrating aspect of tolls is that the powers that be have decided that the people of New Jersey are so accustomed to having to fork up the cash every time they get on the highway, they will embrace the convenience of cashless tolls or the antiquated and faulty E-ZPass system.

I am an E-ZPass holder and will swallow my pride in many circumstances to get from point A to point B. But when I can avoid it — without it being a huge diversion from my route — I absolutely will.

My favorite 'avoid-tolls-at-all-costs' trick is going from Central Jersey up to the Holland Tunnel. I can't get you through the tunnel without paying an exorbitant fee-unless you’re taking the PATH in-but I can get you tunnel for free.

The route I'm going to show you is from Monmouth and Ocean County. But if you are headed to the city from North Jersey, use Route 3, Route 46, and Route 22 to your advantage. From the south, Route 1, Route 9, Route 35, and some underrated county roads should do the trick.

Here's how to do it coming from Monmouth & Ocean County:

How to get from Monmouth/Ocean to the Holland Tunnel without paying tolls

Sometimes even your GPS doesn't know the back way to certain places.

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