GLOUCESTER CITY — Two young men were pretending to be government officials in an attempt to get into people's homes, according to police.

They've been caught, but they've also been released. Police want the public to be smart when strangers come knocking at the door.

According to officials, the men knocked on the doors of at least two homes along Chestnut Ave. on Monday, misrepresenting themselves as employees of the Camden County Clerk's Office.

The men said they were in the area to "check for damages."

At both homes, residents questioned the men and refused to let them inside. When they were questioned, the men left the area in a truck marked Green Leaf Landscaping.

Gloucester City police took to social media to inform the public and to get help with identifying the suspects. Eventually, the men were identified as Nicholas Maniscalco, 20, of Runnemede, and Antonio Martinez, 23, of Glassboro.

They were charged by summons with impersonating a public servant, a disorderly person's offense.

According to police, neither suspect has any affiliation with the landscaping company that's advertised on the truck. The vehicle had been sold and the lettering was never removed.

Police say you should always ask for identification from any solicitors, and verify their employment, before letting anyone in your home.

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