Human nature is human nature. Whether it's free housing, free food or a free education, if you didn't pay for it you don't have the same appreciation for it. "Givenor" Murphy just decreed that he's offering free community college for some people and that it's only the start of his generosity with YOUR money.

Of course we'd like to see the "less fortunate" get ahead, but would giving them things really help in the long run. Or will it breed a sense of entitlement that will stay with them their whole lives. Some would say that it's the struggles of coming up without certain things combined with the desire to achieve and the opportunity to advance, is what makes America so special and so different.

That's not how the uber-rich elite like Murphy look at it. They see that they made an obscene amount of money with great connections and minimal, proportional effort, so they feel a need to give back. But he's not "giving back" with his millions, he doing it with YOUR money. I sent all three of my kids to community college because it was affordable and they know what our limits as a family were. They saw me write the checks. They knew where it was coming from AND they appreciated it.

There are organizations set up to help kids from lower income families and usually there is a sense that some caring, generous people got the money together to help YOU. When the state confiscates it from everyone, rich and poor and gives it to someone, they're not helping. They're damaging the initiative, self worth and self esteem that working for something or being given a true gift does. The road to hell is paved with good intentions. If there was any doubt in the past, it runs right through New Jersey!

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