Some days at work are better than others — but the day when you get Girl Scout cookies is the best!

Today, we sampled Girl Scout cookies; there are two bakeries that make the cookies — Little Brownie Bakers, which is based in Kentucky, and ABC Bakers, which is based in Virginia. And, for some of the varieties, they make similar products.

During a "blind" taste test, Jeff Deminski, Joe Votruba and I found out that Samoas and Caramel D-Lites are very much like each other, but you can still taste the difference.

Meanwhile, the Thin Mints made by each bakery have the same name, but not the same level of minti-ness.

Since my daughter hasn’t been in Girl Scouts for years, my pipeline to the sugary goodness has been severed, but tasting the cookies today was like welcoming an old friend back. Go enjoy some cookies!

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