The Ben McAdoo era got another boost with the Giants 28-20 win over the Philadelphia Eagles. Big Blue is now 5-3, in second place with two division wins over Dallas and Philly. They are winning games this year that they used to lose the previous few years.

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But the fact that they beat the Eagles — a team that they were 3-13 against, and a team that's beat the Giants three out of the last four times at Met Life stadium — really resonates with Giants fans.

The Eagles are the team that most scares Giants fans, because they have had the Giants number going back to the Miracle of the Meadowlands. Even though the Giants have won four out of five Super Bowls since then, it seems that the Eagles have become a harder team to beat — perhaps until now?

If Ben McAdoo proves he can consistently beat the Eagles, this can go along way with both his fan popularity and job security. We'll know more when the two teams meet again on Dec. 22.

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