My podcast cohost Jessica Gibson is pregnant! She and her husband Chase are expecting a baby in August. She recently had a gender reveal to share the news with her family and of course, social media friends that they are having a baby girl. We talked about what she's going through and what she expects when the baby arrives.

Of course, Jay Black had some sage advice for the young mom. Funny, when Jay said he had advice, I have to admit I cringed, ya never know what Jay is gonna say. Turns out his advice was, well let's say helpful, a bit old fashioned and somewhat surprising.

Download the episode and let me know what you think. Jessica shared that they have tentatively agreed on a name. Kennedy Maria is the "working title" for the newest family member. Some people have pushed back on Jessica saying that the name is political. So I asked Jessica if she was OK with all of you weighing in. Who knows, the decision could come down to popular opinion!

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