It comes as no surprise that the State Senate approved a bill to legalize gay marriage today, but it was shocking to many that debate on the measure only lasted about an hour. The Assembly is expected to pass the legislation Thursday and Governor Chris Christie says he’ll veto it.

Senators Jennifer Beck and Diane Allen were the only two Republicans to join 22 Democrats in passing the bill this afternoon.

Senate Democratic Leader Loretta Weinberg co-sponsors the measure. Just prior to the vote she asked every legislator, “I Implore you to join with us on the right side of history and support this bill today.”

GOP State Senator Gerry Cardinale did not support the bill. He says, “Gender and gender difference are self-evident realities. Throughout human history that difference has had an important role to play in the development of civilized society……Marriage has always been the union of humans of different genders.”

Christie wants the voters to decide the issue with a November ballot question. Weinberg says, “We were elected by the people to represent their interests and lead not to abdicate leadership and cut and run when the job gets hard.”