GALLOWAY — An Atlantic County Grand Jury has indicted a woman for multiple counts of animal cruelty after she left several dogs unattended in the woods for days.

Jodi Wozniak, 45, has been indicted on five counts of fourth degree cruelty to animals, bodily injury, and failure to care, according to Acting Atlantic County Prosecutor Cary Shill.

On Sept. 16, investigators received a call from a Galloway Township police officer regarding five dogs that appeared to be abandoned in the woods near North Pitney Road. The officer said some of the dogs were tethered to a tree and others were inside kennels with no water or food.

The dogs, that were owned by Wozniak, had been left alone for at least 15 hours, according to the owner of the property where they were found. The dogs were taken to the Atlantic County Animal Shelter where they were put on a protective hold.

While she was ordered not to return to the property, Wozniak was taken into custody five days later after trespassing back on the property.

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