Now that you've had your fill of green beer and bagels, have a taste of this!

Flikr user Fanizio

It's called a "Zeppoli Di San Giuseppe" or "St. Joseph's Zeppoli"....made in honor of the patron saint of the worker, St. Joseph.

Some prefer the above pastry with the yellow cream and cherry (or whatever) filling...while others like the "sfingi" (pronounced: sfeen-gee!), which is Sicilian, and has a ricotta cream filling.

Anyhow, since St. Joseph's Day is this coming Monday, and since we've seen a "wearin'" of the green a plenty today, I thought it a nice gesture to wish a Happy St. Joseph's Day this coming Monday to all the members of the Rossi Posse named Joe, Joey, Joseph, Jose, Joao, Giuseppe, Peppino...and on and on!

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