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This morning on The Dennis and Judi Show, Alex shared his experience of putting a new twist on Thanksgiving.

Over the weekend, Alex gathered together with his friends to celebrate 'Crunksgiving,' a holiday filled with music, food, drinks, and friends. Everyone celebrated what they were thankful for, and enjoyed their time with one another. It was a great way to have celebrate Thanksgiving the way you wouldn't normally want to celebrate around the rest of your family.

The idea of celebrating 'Friendsgiving' with your friends before you join your family for a traditional Thanksgiving meal is becoming more and more popular, especially with the younger crowd.

Some listeners called in to share the way they celebrate 'Friendsgiving.' Most callers expressed that they see their friends as family, and took a day to share food, drink, and thanks. Some stated that they liked celebrating Thanksgiving without any awkward family encounters. Others shared that their children are starting to practice this.

One caller shared a story about how his friend Frank did not have any place to go for the holidays. He gathered his friends at a local bar with Frank, and celebrated their twist on Thanksgiving called 'Franksgiving.'

Do you celebrate 'Friendsgiving,' or another non-traditional version of Thanksgiving? Do you think this holiday will catch on, and become a lasting tradition? Share your stories in the comment section below.

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