Two days from now, I'm trading my car in.  So it would figure that my car battery would die.

Lucky for me I gave everyone in my family a "Jump Pack" car battery charger for Christmas a little over a year ago. Of course I didn't get one for myself. So I called a family member over and in five minutes, the car was running and off I went. So then I had to go buy a battery and install it in the parking lot. I brought my tools and I was ready to go.

Ok, here come the excuses. Walmart didn't have the size battery I was looking for and it was getting dark. So, realizing that there was a "chain store fast food type car place with garages" place three minutes away, I drove there and had some guy put it in for me. I told the guy at the counter that I was turning it in within two days, and he said "#%ck it, just jump it till then!" But my conscience wouldn't let me do it.

I swallowed my pride and paid the $150. It was only an extra $40 from what I would have paid at Walmart and there was no line. He had it done it 10 minutes. I like to pride myself in still doing basic "man stuff" for myself but I swallowed my pride and I felt better about not turning a car in with a bum battery.  The moral story is do what you gotta do to get it done, and buy one of things and keep it in your glove box.

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