There are so many things being taught either verbally or non-verbally in colleges and universities in NJ and across the country that have no business being taught.

Originally,  college was a place you sent your kids to learn, to grow, and hopefully to make them into better people. College was a place where they could live on their own for the first time, see and meet people from different backgrounds and different perspectives and therefore become more broad-minded, worldly people.

But today there is only one perspective being offered on college campuses and trust me, if you have any sort of a conservative leaning it is NOT your belief system. In fact, it's diametrically opposed to you. We spend our lives raising our children: teaching them right from wrong and what we believe and the way to conduct their lives according to our values. College spends four years un-doing what you've taught and teaching them a whole new set of principles.

I suggest you watch this video to give you an idea of the slow and insidious indoctrination that college can do to your child if you allow it to. Beware.

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