If you were a big fan of the "Jersey Boys" play but didn't like the movie, you're not alone. Frankie Valli, whose story is told along with the original Four Seasons, is right there with you.

Valli was a guest of the podcast "Talking Sopranos" and told hosts Steve Schirripa and Michael Imperioli that he "was at odds with Clint [Eastwood].

"I have nothing against Clint as a director or an actor but I thought it was cast wrong. I thought musically he made promises to me and he made promises to Bob Gaudio (Valli's partner and former Four Season)."

"Bob was supposed to be involved in the music and what they did with the music was an atrocity. Bob fixed it and he still wouldn't use it. So I have a bitter taste."

Valli was also not happy with the casting of Christopher Walken as Gyp DeCarlo, telling Schirripa, who played a barber in the movie, that he would have been better for the role.

Valli's says it's possible "Jersey Boys" comes to television.

"It's in the works right now. The possibility of doing 'Jersey Boys' on TV, whether any of the big network or cable companies that are out there, and he says there's talk about Nick Jonas playing me."

Valli wants the real story of the Four Seasons told and tried to make it happen with Martin Scorsese but it didn't work out.

"I thought in my mind what what I would like to see that was different than the play in a movie was I thought it was more in a place like 'Mean Streets' or 'Goodfellas' with guys who wanted to be singers who were also guys who screwed around a lot with breaking and entries and all kind of BS and that's what I thought it should be. And I know that's what it would have been with Marty."

This is what a "Jersey Boys" television show could be like. The REAL story of "Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons," if you will.

"I'm working on something like that with a series from my point of view. If it happens, that's what it will be, the real guts of the way I grew up, the way Tommy Devito grew up, the way Nick Massi grew up. We were right in the middle of all that," Valli said.

From what Valli says on "Talking Sopranos":

"Probably, a few of us might have went away for a long time or been a lot of trouble or ended up working for wise guys if no success came."

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