It’s official. The man, the legend, confirmed it himself. Frankie Valli says it’s true. Nick Jonas will portray him in an upcoming TV movie.

Jersey Boys, the story of the Four Seasons, has been a hit Broadway play, a 2014 movie directed by Clint Eastwood, and now will be new again and coming to an as yet unknown streaming service. It was reported in January that the Jonas brother was in talks to play Valli but when Valli himself confirms it you can take that to the bank. And Frankie couldn’t be happier.

“When it went to Broadway I never would’ve dreamed in a million years that it would’ve lasted 10 or 11 years the way it did,” Valli said Monday morning on an appearance on the Today show. “And it’s always exciting because something new is always going on. ‘Jersey Boys’ has been on cruise ships, it’s been in almost every country that you can possibly think of. And now it’s being filmed for television and Nick Jonas of the Jonas Brothers is playing Frankie, so I’m really excited about that.”

He said the two talked recently for a good 20 minutes and Nick was equally happy to have the role. After all, he can relate. Let’s compare.

Frankie Valli, 87 years old, has been a singer and actor. Here’s some Jersey trivia; he played Rusty Millio in 7 episodes of The Sopranos.

Nick Jonas, 28 years old, has been a singer and actor. He’s been in two Jumanji movies and lots else.

Frankie Valli was raised in Newark in a public housing project.

Nick Jonas grew up in Wyckoff and Little Falls.

Frankie’s dad was a barber and his mom a homemaker.

Nick’s dad was once an ordained minister and his mom a sign language teacher.

Frankie is the eldest of three boys.

Nick is the third born of four boys.

While Nick’s two older brothers of course earned fame along with him, he and Frankie share in being the most popular in the family. Nick has over 30 million Instagram followers and the most success from the group.

Frankie Valli, at 87, is about to go on tour in July.

Meanwhile the Jonas Brothers’ tour schedule has them PNC Bank Arts Center in Holmdel on October 5 and BB&T Pavilion in Camden October 7.

So will Nick Jonas be able to hit those famous falsetto notes? Stay tuned.

The post above reflects the thoughts and observations of New Jersey 101.5 talk show host Jeff Deminski. Any opinions expressed are Jeff Deminski's own.

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