Syrian refugees are already living in New Jersey, but many people aren't happy that the federal government wants to bring more into our ranks.

Former FBI special agent and Navy SEAL Jonathan Gilliam joined us to comment on the U.S. State Department's shortcomings during the Paris terror attacks, and the safety risks of allowing Syrian refugees into U.S. borders.

“It’s gotten to the point where leadership is so bad, that I’m not even sure they're aware of the reality of how bad things are," said Gilliam of politics and the State Department's approach to the situation in France.

Gilliam agrees with Governor Christie's stance of not allowing any more Syrian refugees to enter the country, but said that it's a shame it took a terror attack to "wake people up."

According to Gilliam, the real threat to Americans is twofold. First, it's a misconception of what terrorism and terrorists.

“It’s a tactic, not a people," Gilliam said of terrorism. "It’s a tactic that is used to change the political ideology of another culture, and in this case it’s fundamental Islam, and they’re trying to change the culture of the entire world."
Second, it's "politics based on a reaction." He and I agreed we need to have leaders that don't allow Syrian refugees into the country because history proves ISIS is going to infiltrate their ranks.

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