Matt Lombardo covered Carson Wentz 2016 rookie training camp as a Philadelphia Eagles beat writer and is now covering Daniel Jones rookie camp with the New York Giants for It appears he likes Jones better. Here are some of his observations.

First off Lombardo gives Jones the advantage in arm talent and staying healthy. He cites the cites the general concern of Wentz footwork and throwing motion when he started. He also talks about Jones relative ease of dropping the ball in tight windows and on deep passes.

As for mobility, Lombardo writes in

"One of the reasons that Jones might see the field earlier than many expect is that he has more than enough mobility to execute the run-pass-option aspects of head coach Pat Shurmur’s system, For Wentz, it wasn’t until former Eagles quarterbacks coach, and current Jacksonville Jaguars offensive coordinator John DeFilippo altered Wentz’s release point and throwing motion that he surged towards the top of the quarterback rankings in 2017 in an MVP caliber season."

Lombardo continues saying, "While Wentz is a Houdini-like escape artist in the pocket, Jones is plenty mobile enough to make defenses respect that he’ll keep the ball on an RPO, in a way that Manning isn’t able to do."

Then there's the health issue Lombardo tells

The other advantage that Jones has over Wentz, is health. Jones has not missed a practice since arriving.

When healthy, Wentz is a top-five quarterback in the NFL. But, that has proven tricky in recent years as Wentz suffered a fractured back last season after missing the first two games while still rehabbing his ACL.

It’s still early, and Jones has a long way to go, but he already has given Gettleman and the Giants plenty of reasons to be optimistic that he can quickly develop into a franchise quarterback.

Jones has also given hope to Giants fans as well.

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