It’s Big Game weekend!
If you are throwing your own party, or need a last minute dish to take to someone else’s party, here is a great recipe from my childhood: my Mom’s BBQ Burgers. You’ll only need three ingredients and your slow cooker. When finished, you’ll have a delicious crock of burgers that eat like a Sloppy Joe, without the mess.
This is a dish my mom made often when we were kids, and it warmed us up on the coldest winter day. It travels well, and it is even better the next day. Leave at least 4-6 hours to cook, but longer is better.
Here is the shopping list. Watch the video for how to put it all together.
• 12-24 frozen hamburgers
• 3 bottles BBQ sauce
• 2 jars salsa
If you are trying these recipes, I’d love to see how it came out! Email me a photo at or you can send the photo on the NJ101.5 mobile app.

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