Over the weekend, Flemington Mayor Betsy Driver drove home the point that most of us have learned over the last several years. In a Facebook post on her private account, which has since been removed, she used the most vile, hateful language in describing the president, his Supreme Court nominee and anyone who plans to vote for Donald Trump.

You can see the quote here, but be advised that the language is very offensive and is not meant for anyone underage.

Overly emotional, delusional, and hateful people in New Jersey and all over the world have been on a hate-fueled crusade ever since (and frankly long before) Donald Trump was elected president. They always point to Trump as the one spreading hateful rhetoric and division, but people like Betsy Driver make him look like a choir boy in comparison.

No one can deny that the President is unorthodox as a modern U.S. politician. It's also clear to anyone who is objective, that he is at times coarse, immature, egotistical, narcissistic, childish and crass. We could go on. But his policies have helped great numbers of Americans in all groups, including the ones that hate him so much and think of him as some kind of monster.

They have so vilified him in their minds and assigned every evil, horrible trait to his character without any real evidence, but fueled by their unadulterated hatred for him. It's about how he presents himself. It ain't pretty and some people just can't get past it. But drowning yourself in bitterness and hatred doesn't do anyone any good, especially themselves.

You have to feel sorry for Mayor Driver. She's disgraced herself and those who support her, but in the blind rage of people like her it doesn't seem to matter. In cases like hers, where Trump Derangement Syndrome has so taken hold of her soul, it's difficult for rational thought to seep through. Her behavior mirrors the violence we see in cities around the country and the angry rhetoric from Democratic lawmakers nationwide.

New Jersey Republican Party Chairman Doug Steinhardt and other prominent Republicans have called for her apology or resignation. I strongly disagree. She has every right to express herself freely, no matter how vulgar and hateful it might be. The answer to her behavior happens every four years. It's called an election. If the people of Flemington condone it, then she'll be voted back in. Canceling and banishing people for their words is wrong. Let people, whether they're public officials or your neighbors show the world who they are, and let their peers decide it they're worth of their support.

The post above reflects the thoughts and observations of New Jersey 101.5 talk show host Dennis Malloy. Any opinions expressed are Dennis' own.

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