Who doesn't like wings, right? Just about every town in every state in the country has a place known to have "the best wings." They range from super-hot to a little spicy for most places, catering to a variety of tolerances and tastes. This year is the first annual "Wingfest" at Chelsea's Restaurant and Pub in Lebanon, Hunterdon County.

It's being held on Sat., May 15 with plenty of live music and more than a few hot sauce purveyors on hand for you to check out. Of course, there is a wing eating challenge and since it's a pub, more than a few beverages to wash down the wings with. There is a $10 cover charge. Find out more about the event here.

This is the inaugural year for this event which may become a much anticipated and larger event as the years go by. A very popular wing eating contest called Wingfest was held in Philadelphia each year before the Super Bowl, but was discontinued a couple of years ago. The event drew crowds so big, after a couple of years it was held at the major sports arena in Philly, until it got to be just too much to handle for everyone involved. There has been a major Wingfest held every year in Buffalo, NY, the city that made Buffalo sauce on chicken wings famous, since 2002.

Eating competitions didn't start with wings festivals, but have become an American "sport" of sorts all over the country. There is even a national competitive eating "league" with the country's biggest competitors. Not sure if Chelsea's Wingfest will draw any of them, but you can check it all out or join in on May 15th on Route 22 in Lebanon, New Jersey.

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