Would you do this?

We all hate those dehumanizing long lines at airport security, especially around the holidays. What if you could cut the line straight to the actual security check at Newark Liberty International Airport and save 20, 30, even 60 minutes? All you’d have to do is register your fingerprints or eyes for them to later scan at the airport.

Welcome to the 1997 film Gattaca. It’s starting.

Yes we have cameras everywhere now. The government has tracked our cyber moves. But do we want to go so far as to let the TSA, a government authority keep in mind, scan our irises and/or our fingerprints just to board a plane? Do we really believe these won’t be kept on file to be shared with other government agencies should a national security interest arise?

Look, I’ve got nothing to hide from the government. I‘m breaking no laws. It isn’t even present day government I’m worried about. It’s the government 20 years from now I don’t know that I trust. My irises and fingerprints will be the same.

So would you do this? Take our poll.

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