You know those dumb things you see on social media all the time that tell you things like “Your rapper name is the color of your underwear and the last thing you ate" and you know they're ridiculous but you do it anyway? (Right now I'd be Black Gouda, by the way.)

Well, there's something like that getting a lot of attention on the New Jersey subreddit. Reddit user Majestic-Unicorn 33 posted a meme done by @newjerseymemes that gives you your Jersey name.

Could this be where "The Sopranos"' Paulie Walnuts got his mob name? Not quite.

It's one of those grids where you take your first name from your birth month and your last name from the date. So everyone has a Jersey name even if you never knew it.

Some are lamer than others. Like mine unfortunately is Benny River Gap. Others are somewhat luckier like my broadcast partner Bill Doyle who comes out as Speedy Pizza.

Image via New Jersey subreddit
Image via newjerseymemes

I envy anyone who was born on Sept. 25. Their Jersey name comes out as Blueberry Guido. That has a ring to it. That has an attitude.

Speaking of attitude, anyone born in May is stuck with the awkward first name of Argumentative. Then there are the poor souls born on April 1 who will always be at odds with themselves. Their name is Porkroll Taylorham.

Yes, it's a silly thing. But you've already looked yours up, haven't you? When the economy is beating us into oblivion and there's so much trouble in the world we can all use a little silly. Also, it's cool to see just how many Jersey references there are that people outside our state wouldn't get. Things like Saltpepperketchup, 20cashregular, Piney, Shoobie, Discofries, etc.

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