A California woman who was just getting back into a gym routine after having been in an auto accident says that officials at her local Planet Fitness said she was too fit for her halter top.

Apparently some patrons complained upon seeing her still-toned body and felt somewhat intimidated.

Seems kind of unusual being told you’re “too fit” to wear a certain type of outfit at the gym – but one never knows what irks others when you’re trying to work out.

I know – as someone who had been doing personal training, I’ve heard and seen all.
Kids (and some adults) who don’t have a clue as to how to use certain pieces of equipment.

Clients who complain that they don’t think they’re getting anything out of the routine you’ve given them.

Clients who, in some cases, reveal more than they need to – and aren’t as intimidatingly “toned" as the woman in this story from the NY Daily News:

In her first workout since being injured in a car accident, Tiffany Austin said she couldn't wait to get back on the treadmill.

But barely 15 minutes into her walking exercise, she noticed people staring. Then a member of the Planet Fitness staff approached and told her to cover up because she was intimidating others in the facility.

Austin, who said she'd just joined the Richmond, Calif., gym, agreed to put a shirt over her halter top. But she drew the line when a second worker called her out as she waited for the first employee to bring her shirt.

That staffer said "excuse me, we've had some complaints you're intimidating people with your toned body," Austin quoted the woman as saying KTVU-TV reported.

And that's when Austin asked for the manager, and for her membership money back.
The national chain of exercise gyms prides itself on "Judgment Free" workout zones. "Member scan relax, get in shape, and have fun without being subject to the hard-core look-at-me attitude that exists in too many gyms," says the company's web site.

A corporate spokesperson told the station that dress rules are the discretion of individual managers and staff.

That may be so, but their discretion is way off. Check out the video:

While Austin is “toned,” were I the manager of that gym, I’d be proud to have someone like her as a member.

What she demonstrates is more of an inspiration to others around her in that despite having had a setback, you can still bounce back.

What are some of the most common complaints you have about the gym you belong to and your fellow members?

Do you find Tiffany Austin’s outfit intimidating?

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