It's a mystery that has captivated generations: What happened to Jimmy Hoffa?

The FBI has never stopped looking.

When the mob boss and Teamsters leader disappeared in 1975, federal agents launched a massive investigation. One of the early tips they received was that Hoffa's body was buried in a Jersey City landfill. The area was searched, but nothing was found and subsequent tips about the site were largely ignored.

Until now.

According to reports in the New York Times and the New York Post, FBI agents have returned to the site first searched in 1975 following the deathbed confession of a worker who claims he buried Hoffa's body in a steel drum at that landfill.

The PJP Landfill sits beneath the Pulaski Skyway. It was turned into the Skyway Park Conservancy in 2012.

In October, the New York Times reports, agents from the Newark and Detroit FBI field offices surveyed the site. The FBI issued a statement to the New York Post saying "data is currently being analyzed" but did not mention Hoffa by name or give any further details.

A "Fox Nation" report earlier this year did claim that radar experts surveyed the ground and detected steel drums on the site. That would not, however, be unusual for a former landfill.

It has long been the stuff of legend that Hoffa was buried somewhere in New Jersey. The most popular myth was that Hoffa was buried under the old Giant's Stadium in the Meadowlands. In 2004, the show "Mythbusters" dedicated an entire segment to using ground scanning radar to see if there was anything beneath the field.

The FBI never gave any credibility to the myth, and when the old stadium was demolished in 2010, no agents were sent to observe.

What, if anything, the FBI saw when they came back to Jersey City in October may remain a mystery. The actual search warrant was sealed by a judge.

If the search turned up anything, it will be up to the FBI to reveal details to the public.

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