And the hits just keep on coming.

Even though Dr. Fauci has admitted that the Omicron variant is “almost certainly” less severe than Delta, he has this advice for Americans this holiday season.

It's very possible that some people in some parts of the country will follow. Somehow, I don’t see New Jerseyans doing it.

He believes that in order for everybody to have a safe holiday season, indoor gatherings should take place with proper precautions. He suggests putting in place and enforcing a vaccine mandate in your own home. For example, you requiring vaccinated people to show their vaccination proof. Like even your mom.

And of course, that means that the unvaccinated would be excluded. Even if that’s your grandma.

Now, he is just establishing this as guidance, not rule. But at this point, Dr. Fauci is considered by many to be the arbiter of common sense when it comes to COVID-19 so there are people who will blindly follow this recommendation.

A good percentage of NJ families are maniacally close and devoted people who want to be with our families at holiday time no matter what.

New Jersey is different though. We are diverse, we are tough, and we are a state populated with close-knit, multi-cultural, multi-national, and multi-ethnic families.

I have rarely seen residents of a state who are so fiercely loyal to family as we are here in New Jersey. That’s why Fauci‘s cockamamie advice to screen people at the door of their homes for vaccination status (including family members) ain’t gonna fly here in NJ. We’re not some uptight WASPS from the Midwest who would be willing to screen and subsequently bar their brothers-in-law from their Christmas parties.

Plus, we don’t take kindly to people telling us what to do. A good percentage of NJ families are maniacally close and devoted people who want to be with our families at holiday time no matter what — and will vehemently defend our right to do so. Oh, and we don’t take kindly to treating our family like rank and file. Or people suggesting we do.

I may be wrong, but even with thousands of New Jerseyans being vigorous defenders of the COVID-19 jab, family is different.

I don’t see Dr. Fauci‘s recommendations going down well here.

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