After suffering a potentially fatal heart attack last month, New Jersey filmmaker and self-proclaimed "Fat Man" Kevin Smith is signing on as an ambassador for weight loss company Weight Watchers.

Smith announced the partnership on his Twitter account, as well as a link to an interview from an appearance on the Today Show on NBC.

In his interview the man known as "Silent Bob" to fans of his movies and "Fat Man on Batman" to fans of one of his video and podcast series spoke openly about his weight loss. He compared himself to fellow ambassadors Oprah Winfrey, and DJ Khaled, two other celebrities who have taken their weight loss efforts public.

He said he feels like them, "but in a hockey jersey," referring to his trademark style.

During his appearance on the Today Show, Smith said he had a 100 percent blockage of the left anterior descending artery — a condition he called "Widow Maker." While the heart attack forced him to face his fear of dying, he said it was also the "best thing that ever happened to me" because it forced him to live a healthier lifestyle.

Since the heart attack, Smith said ,he has lost 30 pounds, but has a goal of losing 50 pounds, if not more.

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