MAPLEWOOD — A local family that nearly had a good deed for local delivery people ruined by a gang of greedy squirrels wasn't about to let the animals win this time around.

Michele Boudreaux said last year that their tradition of leaving treats and snacks for the people who delivered their multitude of packages was derailed by squirrels, who were caught on camera pilfering the holiday goodies. When she first saw items were missing from the baskets Boudreaux assumed it was neighborhood kids taking the candy. When she found out who was really responsible it was even more surprising.

"This year, all of a sudden the squirrels decided to completely take over and tear apart all of my hard work," she said at the time.

Michele Boudreaux
Michele Boudreaux

A year has passed, and once again the packages started rolling in, leaving Boudreaux with a difficult decision. Did she give in to the greedy squirrels? Or keep the tradition alive. According to a post on her Instagram account, Boudreaux laid out the welcome mat for the delivery people, while doing her best to keep the squirrels at bay.

"To my credit and why I'm going to give it a try is that we cut down like 500 bushes and trees since last year so I'm sorta hoping the greedy squirrel family who robbed my ass blind has moved on," she said in the post. "I wrote a note for the squirrels. I hope they read it."

Boudreaux said while they were working on the landscaping they found some of the wrappers, and even some of the chocolates, buried "all over the yard."

In spite of everything that has happened over the past year Boudreaux said she still loves squirrels.

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