Union County boasts a Falcon Cam on top of the County Courthouse in Elizabeth that monitors a nest of peregrine falcons. According to the county’s website, the nest was first established in 2005, after the county installed a dog house type enclosure, the falcons started reproducing and have successfully hatched chicks every year starting in 2006.

The live feed currently shows two chicks which were being fed by their parent when I was watching. The chicks are pretty adorable, belying the fact that they will grow up to be some of the most effective predators on earth. Peregrine falcons are estimated to reach up to 200 mile an hour in a dive. Peregrine falcons are an endangered species and the nest on top of the County building is part of a conservation effort. The female is banded and made the trip to Rochester, New York. They are attracted to the roof, it is believed, because they like to build their nests up high.

Here's a video of the Union County falcons walking around their nest back in 2016.

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