It’s not a full-fledged movement yet, but there is sentiment in Fair Lawn to boycott Nabisco products. Nabisco’s parent company, Mondelez, announced that it would be closing its Fair Lawn factory, putting around 600 people out of work.

The plant, which opened in 1958, makes Oreos and Teddy Grahams. As reports, mayor Kurt Peluso indicated in a Facebook Live session he won’t be buying Nabisco products, "I will not be eating any Oreos or anything from Nabisco anytime soon. I think the way they handled this was disgusting," he said.

In November, when the possibility of the closure was first revealed, Mondelez International said in a statement, “The way consumers are shopping and snacking is changing rapidly, and meeting these evolving needs requires us to make our products in more flexible, agile and efficient ways.” A factory in Atlanta is also being shut down.

Spokeswoman Laurie Guzzinati told New Jersey 101.5, "As we look at the capabilities and infrastructure they are significantly outdated in both Fair Lawn and Atlanta. From a business perspective it made sound business sense to think about bringing together the east coast owned and operated footprint in Richmond."

Residents of Fair Lawn have been enjoying the smell of fresh baked cookies for over 60 years, but that will come to end this summer. Other residents told that they will also avoid Nabisco products, with the mayor adding, "I think you'll see a pretty significant reduction of the amount of Oreos sold in Fair Lawn."

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