The Passaic County Prosecutor's Office is reportedly investigating after a video posted online appears to show a plainclothes county sheriff's officer searching a parked minivan, as its owner accuses the cop of breaking the law.

The video begins as the person filming it — apparently the minivan's owner — approaches the vehicle. A man wearing street clothes and his gloves, with a badge around his neck, is searching through the trunk.

Officials confirmed to that the man seen is an officer with the Passaic County Sheriff’s Office, but did not provide his identity.

"F--- is you doin', yo?" the man filming the video says.

The officer backs away from the vehicle and closes the trunk. "What is you in my van for?" the man filming says.

When the officer begins to step away and asks the man to come with him, the man refuses.

"We've been getting a lot of complaints about guns in this neighborhood," the officer says.

"Listen, I don't care about none of that," the man tells him. "What are you in my van for? I'm over here eating with my family. I'm eating with my family and you standing here in my van. How did you get in my car?"

The officer says the vehicle was open. He then tells the man: "We've been getting a lot of complaints about guns in this van, in this neighborhood."

The man says he's not from that neighborhood, "so you wasn't getting complaints from around here."

Another officer, in uniform, walks up and speaks with the first. Their conversation cannot be heard on the recording.

The man tells the officers he wants their names, and when one officers to give him a business card, he says he wants their badge numbers as well. He films their vehicles and license plate numbers before the video ends.

"Ya'll doing s--- y'all ain't supposed to be doing. Y'all f---ing bugging. I know my rights," he says.

It's not clear from the video what may have led up to the search, or if there was any further interaction between the man and the officers afterward. It's not clear when it took place.

A spokesman for the sheriff’s department, Bill Maer, told New Jersey 101.5 the incident had been referred to the county prosecutor's office "in an effort to assure an independent investigation of the circumstances around the search video." He did not say whether anyone was arrested. The prosecutor's office has not yet released any information about the incident.

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