Chris and Dan get into a heated debate over what seems to be the constant excessive celebrations in sports. Whether it is the flamboyant bat flip in baseball or the extra stare down after a heavy dunk, Chris thinks that it has just gone too far and the showboaters are taking it a bit too far. Dan thinks every team needs a "villain" for the opposing team's' fans to boo and has zero problem with it.

The NBA Lottery took place last week and the Celtics are sitting pretty with the #1 overall pick. Is it time for the NBA to look to change the way it handles the process? The guys also examine the trade that gave the Celtics the #1 pick. Is it the worst trade in sports history?

While we enjoy watching our favorite athletes be the star of the game, it is nice to see them out of their element every so often. It could be Yankees star Aaron Judge on Jimmy Fallon or Peyton Manning hosting the ESPY Awards or even LeBron James and John Cena in the movie Trainwreck, it's nice to see a different side of them. Do you enjoy seeing your favorite athletes in different roles?

Then of course, it's another round of the "Mets Misery Minute," where we take a look at what has been happening with the Mets since our last episode. We'll gauge where Dan's faith is on the scale this week that his favorite team from Queens can still make it into a respectable season or not.

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