I’m too old to remember, when do we start feeling embarrassment? And when do we start feeling fear?

I have four kids. The two older ones are 17 and 15, about to turn 18 in April and 16 this week. The one is going off to college in August. He wants to write novels and maybe screenplays. He’s talented enough to do it.

The younger one wants to be an artist and she truly has a gift. She already has a signature style that shows in whatever she does. She’s also done a season of track and field. She’s done a fashion show in high school. This past weekend she had a lead role in her high school’s production of “Little Women” having never once tried acting before.

I’m so proud of her having the guts to try things I was too scared to. The truth is she was scared as well but tried it anyway. That’s what bravery is.

But when is it that we lose that? When is it that the harsh reality of how tough the world is and the pressure to make a living comes along and makes us not try or give up on the long shots in life? When does the endless gray line of practicality set in and steal our spirit?

With my son going to college this year and my daughter wanting to go to art school, I came across, by chance, a song that I sent them along with a note.

This song is by Lily Meola and it's called "Daydream." The old phrase "Don't quit your day job" is used to tell people they're either not good enough at their passion or their passion is too impractical. Meola turns that into "Don't quit your daydream."

Here's the song.

I sent this song to my son along with this personal note:

You’ll be going to college. You’ll be 18.

You’ll be told by a thousand people your dreams are unrealistic, to have a plan B, to settle, to be practical.

I believe you are a gifted person. I want you to listen to this song and pay close attention to the words. Save it. Play it when we you need it. Live this way. Do with your life what you really want to do. Be what you really want to be. No matter how hard it is or how long it takes. Don’t ever let anyone tell you you can’t be something you want.

Not even me.

Then I sent the song to my daughter with a note very similar.

I feel like all kids should listen to this. Life is too short to not live it as you truly want. To not seek what you truly love.

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