We're off to a fast start in the New Year. On Friday I'll be moderating a discussion with the City of Angels New Jersey organization hosted by my friend Kevin Meara. The event is an effort to continue the conversation between the various groups helping to turn back the escalating heroin epidemic in New Jersey.

The main focus Friday will be the involvement of Law Enforcement and new programs and tactics to help people. Then on Saturday I'll be the host for the Fifth Annual Big Man's Birthday Bash along with my Chasing News colleague Jessica Nutt. The event will be headlined by our friend Nick Clemons, son of Jersey music icon Clarence Clemons, will benefit two important organizations, both the CFC Loud & Clear Foundation and The Overdose Prevention Agency Corporation.

As I've discussed on the morning show many times, the NJ heroin death rate is nearly triple the national rate. This is a crisis that will take an enormous effort on the part of first responders, families, doctors and anyone who knows anyone struggling with addiction. The politicians talk a good game, but the words are hollow when the death rate soars and access to affordable options diminish. The brave families that started the organizations we're helping this weekend have stepped up. Help us if you can.

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