Head to the shore, take off the mask and enjoy a terrific Labor Day Weekend.

The idea that adults are being asked to wear a mask inside is absurd enough, but outside? You’ve got to be at a new level of ignorance to think that’s OK. The good news is many normal are fighting back. Our phones at New Jersey 101.5 were flooded on Thursday with normal parents speaking out about their kids and the absurdity of mask mandates.

The pandemic is over. Actually, it ended long before anyone mandated anything, especially masks. But here we are in September, pretending that Gov. Phil Murphy and Health Commissioner Judy Persichilli aren’t responsible for the spike in COVID deaths in New Jersey resulting from their dangerous and deadly nursing home policy.

Here we are pretending that kids are potential COVID victims, even though ALL of the evidence shows they are not. Here we are in September, hundreds of thousands still out of work, the NJEA making sure they keep teachers at home and letting parents fend for themselves. And here we are in yet another fall season here by a nearly two to one ration people are moving OUT of NJ instead of into.

So what to do? Two things. First, call your local superintendent and let your voice be heard. Second, find a way to enjoy the weekend as a free, rational, normal adult. Here’s a great place to start at the Jersey Shore this weekend, this one from caller Charlie, one of the normal. Click HERE to view the event. Send me your no-mask events to share!

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